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As a 501c3 non-profit companion organization to EveryLibrary (a 501c4), The EveryLibrary Institute is dedicated to ensuring continued public and political support for library funding.

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100 Campaigns Against Book Bans!

We're proud to announce that over 100 communities have launched campaigns against book bans on fightforthefirst.org.  

Volume 7, Issue 1 - The Political Librarian - Spring 2024

The EveryLibrary Institute Presents 2024 Spring Issue of The Political Librarian Journal.

Statement about the Huntington Beach Library Privatization RFP

The City of Huntington Beach, CA., has issued an RFP to solicit bids to privatize the library through a Managed Library Services agreement under contractor with a third-party private entity.  The EveryLibrary Institute has been evaluating whether we should submit a competitive and qualified bid within the RFP process. As part of the process, we submitted a number of questions to the City asking for information about the requirements of the bid. After careful consideration of the City’s answers, we have decided not to submit a bid.

Testimony to the New Jersey Assembly Education Committee about A3446, the “Freedom to Read Act”:

The New Jersey Assembly Education Committee is holding a hearing on A3446, “Freedom to Read Act,” on June 6, 2024. We have submitted written testimony alongside our colleagues at the New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL), endorsing this bill. A3446 aims to establish comprehensive guidelines and protections for library materials in both public school libraries and public libraries in New Jersey. 

Policy Webinar about HR 7525, the National Special Districts Act

The House recently passed the Special District Grant Accessibility Act (H.R. 7525), which would expand eligibility definitions for district libraries for federal grant programs. 

Welcoming Hickson, Kemper, Markus, and Tikiwala to the ELI Board of Directors

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of four exceptional individuals to the EveryLibrary Institute Board of Directors. These distinguished professionals bring a wealth of experience, passion, and expertise to our organization, further strengthening our commitment to advocating for libraries and enhancing public access to information.  

Testimony to Vermont House Committee on S220 (2024)

The EveryLibrary Institute was asked to submit written testimony to the Vermont House Government Operations and Military Affairs Committee concerning S220, a bill to safeguard the right to read in Vermont public libraries and other reforms to public libraries. If enacted, S220 would require that public library boards incorporate public accommodation principles against discrimination into their policies, especially around collection development. Vermont is one of several states advancing a Libraries for All framework this session.  

One Year Impact Report - Fight for the First and the National Library Alliance

We are celebrating an important milestone: The one-year anniversary of Fight for The First, the only online digital advocacy platform that provides tools, funding, and other resources to local communities who want to take action against book bans in public libraries and school libraries around the United States.

New Special District Legislation Benefits Library Districts

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee passed the Special District Grant Accessibility Act (H.R. 7525), an important milestone for special districts across the United States. This legislative development is a significant step in the ongoing effort to recognize and support the unique role that special districts, including library districts, play in local governance.

Statement from the EveryLibrary Institute on the Firing of Autauga-Prattville Alabama Public Library Staff

EveryLibrary is alarmed by the library board's firing of the Autauga-Prattville Alabama Public Library director and staff yesterday. It is unethical and unjust. We are calling on the City Council, Mayor, and County Commissioners to return these librarians to their jobs and rescind the discriminatory anti-LBGTQ+ policies imposed by the board. We must take action to ensure that all citizens' rights are protected and that the library is free from workplace harassment and politicized actions.