100 Campaigns Against Book Bans!

If you’re fighting book bans in your community, we can help!

We're proud to announce that over 100 communities have launched campaigns against book bans on fightforthefirst.org.


This unique and powerful platform allows library supporters like you to get access to the tools you need to fight against book bans and censorship in your community.

We've helped communities win in states like California, Nevada, New Jersey, Maryland, Colorado, and many more!


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If you need to fight for your library or the right to read, we can provide you with free:

  • One-on-one consulting to help you determine your path to winning
  • Petition platforms and digital tools
  • Direct and indirect funding
  • Sophisticated campaign websites
  • Voter files
  • Social media reach
  • Access to professional political tools
  • Volunteers and donors
  • and much more!


A monthly tax-deductible donation of just $3 powers local campaigns nationwide!


If you're facing book bans in your community, you can launch a campaign today!

We'll help you every step of the way.