Board of Directors

The EveryLibrary Institute is governed by a Board of Directors responsible for setting and achieving the strategic direction of the organization

The EveryLibrary Institute is governed by a Board of Directors that sets and achieves the strategic direction of the organization, including its research agenda, fundraising, partnerships and programmatic priorities. We are fortunate to have experts from public, academic, school and state libraries, the library vendor community, allied mission-driven organizations, and MLS and I-School programs involved on our Board. Their breadth of experiences and networks reflects the wide range of projects and partnerships the EveryLibrary Institute is positioned for.

KC Boyd, Washington DC Public Schools
John Chrastka, Board President
Kyle Courtney, Harvard Library
Trevor A. Dawes, University of Delaware
Erica Findley, Board Treasurer
Britten Follett, Follett Learning
Amy Garmer, Aspen Institute
Fran Glick, Baltimore County Public Schools
Kafi Kumasi, Wayne State
Steve Potter, Mid-Continent Public Library
Rivkah Sass, Sacramento Public Library
Cal Shepard, State Library of North Carolina (retired)
Patrick Sweeney, Board Secretary
Jill Hurst-Wahl, Syracuse University
Lance Werner, Kent District Library

*Maureen Sullivan is on a leave of absence from the Board during her appointment as Interim State Librarian of Connecticut