Fiscal Sponsorships

The EveryLibrary Institute can help you launch your great library idea without creating a whole new organization or 501c3.

The EveryLibrary Institute supports new and creative initiatives for social change by sponsoring mission-aligned projects that don't yet have, or may not even want to have, their own 501(c)3 status. 

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the EveryLibrary Institute acts as a fiscal sponsor or fiscal agent for smaller organizations or projects that either do not have or do not want to become registered 501(c)3s themselves. The main condition for a fiscal sponsorship is that our programs are complementary and that the work being done by the organization (or group of individuals) aligns with our mission, purpose, and charter.

The EveryLibrary Institute has provided fiscal sponsorship for a number of library projects, including a campaign to enable and support grant recipients of the Awesome Libraries project, raise emergency funding for the Ridgeland Public Library (MS), provide fundraising support to the Connecticut Library Association for its annual appeals, telehealth project sponsorship for the Delaware Division of Libraries, and ongoing stewardship of donor funds for the Patmos Library (MI).

See EveryLibrary Institute's featured listing on the National Fiscal Sponsors Directory.

Fiscal Agent or Fiscal Sponsor?

Fiscal Agent - Provides administrative and financial support services to an existing agency, unit of government, or tax-exempt organization as a “client”. 

Fiscal Sponsor - Serves as a fiscal intermediary for an agency, unit of government, or nonprofit corporation without tax-exempt status as a “partner”.

EveryLibrary Institute Requirements

EveryLibrary Institute's charter and bylaws are set up correctly to provide fiscal agent and fiscal sponsorship services. Partner organization and the project/programs must be “Mission Aligned.” ELI and partner organizations must execute an agreement before any grant application. Funders must understand and designate ELI in the grant disbursement agreement. ELI should be paid for its services within the grant overhead.

As a fiscal agent or sponsor, the EveryLibrary Institute can perform certain roles on behalf of its partner or client:

  • Banking
  • Grant paperwork
  • Payroll and Sub-Contractors
  • Purchasing and Chain-of-Ownership
  • Contract Review
  • 501(c)3 Compliance
  • Funder reports

Don't hesitate to contact EveryLibrary Institute executive director John Chrastka to discuss ways we can support your needs and goals.