Non-Partisan Statement

The EveryLibrary Institute is committed to helping libraries fulfill their mission to support vote registration and the infrastructure of democracy in their communities and on their campuses.

The EveryLibrary Institute is deeply committed to upholding the principles of democracy, community engagement, and informed citizenship. Our actions, programs, and outreach are neutral, unbiased, and focused solely on the betterment and empowerment of our democratic republic. We believe that all citizens should actively participate in our shared civic life. 

Our Commitment to Non-Partisan Voter Registration Activities

The EveryLibrary Institute’s voter registration efforts, under initiatives like and support for projects like National Voter Registration Day, are designed to help every eligible citizen register to vote, regardless of political affiliation, belief, or background. Our primary goal is to provide resources, training, and support to public libraries in accomplishing this civic mission, empowering them to serve as enablers of democracy by offering non-partisan voter registration assistance.

Assurances to Our Partners

To our library partners, library stakeholders, and the communities they serve:

  1. We guarantee that our voter registration activities are conducted without any intent to endorse, promote, or oppose political parties, candidates for public office, or any particular public policy views or ideologies.
  2. Our materials, training, and resources are devoid of any political or viewpoint bias, and we emphasize this neutrality in our collaborations and partnerships.
  3. We recognize and value the trust that our partner libraries place in EveryLibrary Institute. We uphold this trust by maintaining our non-partisan stance. 

Ongoing Vigilance 

The EveryLibrary Institute pledges to continuously monitor and evaluate our initiatives to ensure they align with our non-partisan commitment. We invite feedback, dialogue, and collaboration from our partners and stakeholders to hold us accountable.