Parent Perceptions Survey Series 2023 from EveryLibrary Institute and Book Riot

The EveryLibrary Institute and Book Riot have partnered on a series of surveys asking parents about their perceptions of public libraries, school libraries, and the profession of librarianship in a time of censorship and book bans. 

Parent Perceptions of Public Libraries and Book Bans

The "Public Libraries and Book Bans - Parent Perception Survey" was released in October 2023. It gathered insights from 853 parents and guardians with children under 18 about their experiences and opinions about book bans, their trust in libraries, their understanding of librarians' book selection process, and their feelings on sensitive subjects. Please visit the survey findings page or Download a PDF of the report. 

Parent Perceptions of Librarians

The "Parents Perceptions of Librarians" findings were released in November 2023. This survey asked 1,527 parents and guardians with children under 18 in two surveys during October and November 2023 about their feelings about librarians in school library and public library contexts as trustworthy professionals and curators of a library collection. ​Top-level findings show that an impressive 92% of parents, grandparents, and guardians trust librarians to curate appropriate books and materials. 90% of parents report being comfortable allowing their child to select their own materials and 96% feel their children are safe within the library. 91% of parents and guardians say that they trust public librarians and 86% find school librarians trustworthy. Likewise, 85% of parents report being satisfied or very satisfied with librarians

Parents are of mixed opinion on whether they think public librarians have a political agenda:

Yes, and they should = 35%
No, but they should = 9%
Yes, and they should not = 12%
No, and they should not = 44%

The full Parents' Perceptions of Librarians findings demonstrate that librarians in schools and public libraries are trusted by families of various backgrounds and income levels, and are valued in society. Librarians are valued in society and are central to education and communities. They foster safe, engaging environments that support learning and creativity, with their expertise and warmth resonating deeply with parents nationwide.

Parent Perceptions of School Libraries and Book Bans

This survey will be published in December 2023