Book Censorship Database by Dr. Tasslyn Magnusson

The EveryLibrary Institute and EveryLibrary are partnering with Dr. Tasslyn Magnusson, an independent researcher focused on the networks, organizations, and individual actors who are leading book banning and book challenge efforts in our nation's school libraries and public libraries.

Access the Data Here:  Censorship Attacks

Dr. Magnusson's spreadsheet of book bans and challenges has been available online since October 2021 to aid library organizations, library staff, education stakeholders, and concerned parents. Her findings have helped numerous school libraries and public libraries. Through this partnership, EveryLibrary and ELI are supporting her ongoing research and monitoring as well as aiding in the discoverability of these valuable resources online. All of these resources continue to be available free of charge to aid local and statewide efforts to defend the freedom to read, the role of libraries in communities and schools, and, most especially, support the people and ideas the books represent.

Dr. Magnusson's Database of Book Bans and Challenges in the United States 2021 - Present

Dr. Magnusson’s research begins near the start of the 2021-22 school year. The tabs are organized by School District, Books Challenged/Banned in School Districts, by public libraries, and books banned/challenged in school libraries. Additional tabs include lists of groups formed to push book bans and challenges and organizations and groups formed to push back against these political actions. The final tab is a list of other relevant articles found during research which includes student and teacher responses to bans as well as investigative pieces on funding of the political groups supporting bans.

The data is available as view only - with sorting capabilities at: “Censorship Attacks”. 

Please note that no personal information is collected or solicited by Dr. Magnusson or EveryLibrary/ELI when you visit these free resources. Information about groups and individuals who are involved in book bans or materials challenges are cross-referenced from publicly available sources like news reports, online forums, and social media posts. Dr. Magnusson invites people to report new information or help correct errors and omissions by contacting her at [email protected].

Our hope is to help stakeholders understand and differentiate between legitimate questions of local concern and the politicized or performative book and materials challenges that are attacking our libraries. If you are concerned with book banning efforts in schools and libraries, please visit EveryLibrary's Action site to learn more and to sign up to be a part of this national network. 

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