Research and Reports

As a library advocacy ecosystem, we have a limited understanding of what Americans think about libraries, librarians, and taxes. With the 2018 release of the From Awareness to Funding study by OCLC, we have a recent snapshot of voter attitudes. But our industry’s knowledge and understanding of what motivates and influences Americans about library funding is alarmingly limited. A core mission of the EveryLibrary Institute is to advance an open-access research agenda that is focused on voter and public perception of taxes for libraries, and not on what the user experience (as users) of libraries is. We are committed to publishing the results and outcomes of all of our research and projects in order to support the entire profession.

We are partnering with academic institutions and allied organizations to advance a research agenda that is focused on library funding as well as voter and public perception of library issues and librarians. Some examples of our research agenda include:

  • Library "Return on Investment" Studies for School, Public, and Academic Libraries
  • Public Opinion Polling and Analysis about Librarians
  • Library Social Media Effectiveness Analysis
  • Message-Testing about Libraries and Librarians
  • Textual Analysis of Library and Librarian Media Coverage
  • Data-mining Local Library Election Results
  • Tracking Long-Term Changes in Voter or Supporter Data
  • Comparative Analysis of Issues and Voter Beliefs
  • Comparative Funding Models Study
  • R&D about New Revenue Sources for Libraries

We work with a wide range of organizations on research projects at the intersection of libraries, politics, and library funding issues. If you have an exciting idea, need a fiscal sponsor (501c3), or want to collaborate with us on making your project even larger, we'd love to talk to you. Please use this form to contact us to find out more.