Freckle Project Surveys and Reports

The EveryLibrary Institute is happy to host the survey findings, webinars, and reports from the Freckle Project

Since April 2019, the Freckle Project has been asking a key question of American readers: "Where did you get that book". Through a series of public-facing surveys, project lead Tim Coates has been able to track the habits of reading - and the evolution of format changes - before, during, and after the COVID pandemic. Public libraries are deeply impacted by changes in reading habits, format preferences, and choices about where and how people acquire their next book, ebook, or audiobook.

The EveryLibrary Institute has been supporting the research behind the semi-annual consumer surveys and is proud to help make this research more accessible to library leaders. 

October 2023 - Survey and Report

October 2023 Survey Findings:

October 2023 Freckle Report - Fourth Analysis of Public Library Services and The Top Forty-Five Libraries in America:

April 2023 "Where Did You Get That Book" Survey and Webinar


April 2023 Survey Findings:

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September 2022 "Where Did You Get That Book" Webinar recorded for EveryLibary's LAFCON 2022



April 2022 "Where Did You Get That Book" Survey Webinar


April 2022 Survey Findings:

May 2022 Freckle Report "Third Analysis":

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November 2021 "Freckle Update" Survey and Webinar



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April 2021 "Reading During the Pandemic" Survey and Report


April 2021 Survey Findings:

May 2021 Freckle Report "Second Analysis":

News Release on EveryLibrary Institute:


April 2019 "First Analysis" Webinar and Report

"Where Did You Get That Book" webinar:

2020 Freckle Report (from 2019 data):


Please contact project lead Tim Coates at [email protected] with questions or comments.