Emergency Fundraising Campaign Success!

Over 2,500 people from around the country donated to help the Friends of the Ridgeland Library safeguard their library during a terrible book banning challenge.

Because of help from nearly 2,500 people around the country, the Friends of the Ridgeland Library (FORL) were able to give an emergency donation of $55,000 to the Madison County (MS) Library System last week.

Teresa Gerard, FORL President, asked us to share this note with you: 

"Today’s donation replaces 1st and 2nd quarter funding withheld by Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee because of his personal beliefs and objections to books about homosexuals and/or with sexual connotations in the library. FORL’s ability to meet this emergency is possible only because of the generosity and concern of more than 2,500 people who donated over $112,000 to our cause through Fundlibraries.org. The balance of the donations will be used as emergency funding for the rest of the fiscal year in the event the city continues not honoring its contract. If the city pays what it owes, the money will be used for books, materials, and programming to enhance the library’s existing collection and activities.

We at Friends of the Ridgeland Library say a heart-felt “Thank You” for helping us protect our library."

Here at EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute, we continue to stand with the Ridgeland Library and the Madison County Library System as they fight this problem head-on. The financial support you provided means that they can do so from a position of strength. It's still an ongoing situation with the Board of Aldermen, though. Please know that I will keep you in the loop. If there is more action to take, I know that you are committed to helping. 

Thanks for showing up for this library. This spirit is at the core of our mission and work. 

Our work is supported by donors like you.

Help us continue to help libraries by becoming a donor today. 

Pictured above are Tonja Johnson, Executive Director of Madison County Library System, receiving $55,000 emergency funding check from Jane Bond, FORL Treasurer, and Teresa Gerald, FORL President.