Hosting Dr. Magnusson's Censorship Database

When a library is facing a difficult censorship issue or book banning campaign, it is not enough to talk about the First Amendment only. We need to go beyond the semantics of rights and talk about the real people being harmed in these challenges: the people and populations whose stories are being sidelined or attacked.

The Everylibrary Institute identifies Dr. Tasslyn Magnusson's dataset of book challenges in the United States as a critically useful tool in understanding the current performative and politicized banning wave properly. We are proud to host her work and support its continued development. Anyone can access the full dataset via our landing page "Book Censorship Database by Dr. Tasslyn Magnusson" or on the open web for free. Understanding and addressing the root cause of these issues is integral to the long-term health of public libraries and public education.