EveryLibrary Institute Launches Crowdfunding Platform for Libraries and Literacy Projects

The EveryLibrary Institute today announces the launch of FundLibraries.org, the first and only crowdfunding website dedicated solely to innovative library and literacy projects in school, public, and academic communities. Fundlibraries.org is a simple to use, one-stop fundraising platform for libraries and library support organization that connects great ideas in need of crowdsourced funding with tens of thousands of potential donors across the country. 

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, the EveryLibrary Institute acts as the fiscal agent to collect charitable donations from individuals and corporate partners and disburses them directly to libraries, Friends groups, library foundations, and campaign managers in the United States and abroad at the close of a crowdfunding campaign. The core donor audience is EveryLibrary’s network of 300,000 Americans across social media who have self-identified as stakeholders and donors in the future of libraries.

“Crowdfunding campaigns need more than just a good idea to succeed,” says John Chrastka, executive director of the EveryLibrary Institute. “What FundLibraries.org does is bring together a huge network of people who believe in the transformational work of librarians with great ideas that those librarians need to get funded. From new programs that need funding to collections that support the school library to moving a capital campaign forward, FundLibraries is ready to help your ideas get the funding it needs to succeed.”  Unlike other crowdfunding sites, FundLibraries.org will dedicate advertising dollars and use its proven expertise marketing libraries to create and cultivate an audience for every campaign on the platform. “We know that “the crowd” we have gathered is open to giving, interested in libraries, and engaged with helping librarians succeed in your mission,” adds Chrastka.

Library and literacy projects of all sizes are invited to put their campaigns on the FundLibraries.org platform and engage the EveryLibrary Institute in their fundraising success. Categories include collections, programs, capital campaigns, literacy projects, little free library build, furniture, and maker spaces, among others. Libraries do not need to have a 501c3 partner to receive donations through FundLibraries.org. Domestic and international projects are welcome. All donations are secured and cleared via Stripe. Donations to fundraising campaigns are tax deductible for charitable purposes; please consult your tax advisor for more information.

Since its founding in 2018, the EveryLibrary Institute has taken steps to help libraries keep their doors open and secure funding that would not have been available to them. We are excited about this new crowdfunding platform and believe it can be a big step in keeping libraries open and thriving in the future. Visit FundLibraries.org and click on “Sign Up” to launch start your campaign or click on any project to add your donor support to a great library idea.


For Release: June 18, 2019

Contact: Mike Parchinsky

[email protected]