Legislative Day Training

This webinar is for library advocates preparing to meet with elected officials on Library Legislative Day or in any other venue.  

Library Legislative Day has the potential to be one of the most effective and politically powerful days of the year. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with your state’s leaders and advocate for renewed interest in funding libraries at the state level, build support for pieces of legislation that are favorable to libraries, and to cultivate political power to fight against anti-library legislation. However, the success of your legislative day is dependent upon being prepared and understanding the desired goals and outcomes in order to will set you up for a year of political success. 

In this webinar, Patrick “PC” Sweeney will lead attendees through ensuring that your formal and informal meetings with legislators are successful. We’ll talk through what you can expect when meeting with politicians and staffers and how to make the most of the meeting. We’ll explain how to properly conduct yourself to ensure that you leave a lasting and positive impression on politicians so they’ll be more likely to support libraries later.

We’ll talk about developing the resources you might need to bring with you such as handouts, take-aways, stories, and more. We’ll also discuss tactics to handle opposition from legislators who might not be excited to hear your message. Finally, we’ll look at ways to build long-term and lasting relationships with legislators so that your message will be heard all year long.

This webinar is a great introduction to anyone who is interested in building relationships with legislators and cultivating the political power that libraries need in your state to ensure their future success. Sign up today!

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