New Report: Factors of Success for Libraries on the Ballot 2014 - 2018

The new "Factors of Success" report from the EveryLibrary Institute is the first statistically significant study of the internal and external factors that could influence the success or failure of a library ballot measures. "Factors of Success" aims to understand and demonstrate what library-level activities and/or community-level characteristics can be correlated to a library ballot question's outcomes. Likewise, the study works to dispel common myths and misconceptions that certain factors pre-dispose libraries to either success or failure. The study's approach focused on both intrinsic and extrinsic factors to understand two things: Is there a set of conditions that will largely pre-determine the results on Election Day? And are there any specific management-choices that can be made in the lead-up to a campaign to create those conditions?


Several surprising finding is that across 50 factors including internal ones like programs, collections, hours, technology, and staffing levels and external, community-level demographics and characteristics like wealth, education, and tax rates, only 7 factors had any correlation to an outcome, and the outcome wasn't always a win for the library. 

If the factors that underpin voter support for libraries are not driven by voter demographics or community characteristics or, to a large extent, what the user-access points within the library are, it is important for library leaders to know and understand what is and isn't in operation. With a new data-driven understanding that the odds of a library winning or losing on Election Day are not largely contingent on factors like the activities of users and the existing budget for the library (intrinsic factors), or the nature and characteristics of the community (extrinsic factors). Download the free report today to learn more and set your library on the path to success for your Election Day. 

Factors of Success for Libraries on the Ballot
Understanding Community Characteristics and Library Activities that Influence Ballot Measure Outcomes 2014 - 2018

EveryLibrary Institute, 2021
By Valarie McNutt, Jieqing “Letty” Yang, and John Chrastka