Policy Webinar about HR 7525, the National Special Districts Act

The House recently passed the Special District Grant Accessibility Act (H.R. 7525), which would expand eligibility definitions for district libraries for federal grant programs. 

Webinar Archive Available

View the webinar archive of "Exploring H.R. 7525” (May 22, 2024) to learn more about the impacts and potential benefits of this legislation on Special District Libraries.

Download the Slides: Exploring H.R. 7522 Slides (opens PDF)

View the webinar recording on YouTube: https://youtu.be/62Dxhu0th70


Federal law lacks a clear definition for "special purpose" or special districts, affecting public libraries organized as districts under state laws. These libraries face challenges in accessing federal grants due to inconsistent recognition as local government units, with eligibility language in grant applications often excluding them. The EveryLibrary Institute is a member of the National Special Districts Coalition and is hoping to address this by supporting the "Special District Grant Accessibility Act" (H.R. 7525), which aims to officially define special districts in federal law, making them eligible for federal assistance. This bipartisan effort is crucial for over 1,400 public library districts in 21 states, ensuring they can access necessary federal funding and grants. The initiative underscores the vital role of special districts in providing key services and the importance of clear definitions to improve their access to federal resources.

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