Reverse Engineering DEA and BEAD Stakeholder Engagement for State Libraries

Stakeholder engagement is central to how each state will write its BEAD and DEA plans. We believe that state libraries are uniquely positioned to convene libraries across their states and ensure that funding flows.

In this free webinar for State Library staff and leadership, Adam Echelman and John Chrastka review the structure of the Digital Equity Act and BEAD stakeholder engagement process that begins on or after September 29, 2022.

The stakeholder engagement process is a singular opportunity for state libraries to convene libraries across their state to learn about their needs for the built environment (through the BEAD program) and for the people they serve (through the DEA program).

This webinar takes state library leadership through how to create an action-oriented communication channel between you and your libraries, to consider your capacity at every moment - especially for small and rural libraries stakeholders, and to also ask for funding within the planning processes to increase your capacity. 

Resources: View "Reverse Engineering DEA and BEAD Stakeholder Engagement for State Libraries" on Vimeo 

Download the slides from EveryLibrary's Slideshare.

This is the second webinar focused on state libraries and the DEA / BEAD planning process. View the May 18, 2022 "Getting up to BEAD" orientation video on ELI.