EveryLibrary Institute Partners with RoundUp App

RoundUp App and EveryLibrary Institute team up to support libraries with the spare change from your credit card and debit card purchase.

The RoundUpApp allows you to put your spare change to work for good causes like libraries! After every credit or debit card purchase, the app will round up (get it?) to the next dollar and send that change to the EveryLibrary Institute. It's the easiest way to make donations to support libraries in the United States.

Developing consistent and reliable donations is the most important part of any non-profit's mission.

Here at the EveryLibrary Institute, our capacity to do good for libraries and the communities that they serve hinges on the dedication and commitment of our supporters. An important part of this support comes from our monthly donors. Having a base of consistent donors like you each month allows us the security to look at how we can continue to fight for libraries in the future as well as the present.

It only takes a few moments to make a big difference for libraries.

We are excited to join forces with RoundUp App to expand our fundraising horizons. With the RoundUpApp, you can become a monthly supporter of EveryLibrary Institute with just the spare change from your everyday credit card or debit card transactions.

We're excited to put your donations to work building support for library funding.

You can sign up to support us here.