Year-End Tax-Deductible Donations To Support Libraries

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support libraries with your year-end tax-deductible donations to the newly launched the EveryLibrary Institute, a companion organization to EveryLibrary.


We launched EveryLibrary in 2012 as a 501c4 with the idea that local libraries need support in order to fight against organizations that are trying to cut their funding, to stand up to politicians who are threatening closures, and to have the resources they need to go to the voters in order to keep their doors open. We’re proud to have worked on 100 campaigns and elections to help libraries earn over 1.7 billion dollars in stable funding so they can continue to serve their communities. Because this 501c4 work is political, your donations to EveryLibrary are not tax-deductible, but they are highly impactful.

Since 2012 we’ve learned that direct political action is critical, but it is also not enough. If we want libraries to continue to win, we need to complement our direct political work with research, voter education, and trainings for local library supporters and advocates. To accomplish this, we launched the EveryLibrary Institute as a 501c3 companion organization where donations are tax-deductible.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the EveryLibrary Institute through Network For Good and then share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Your tax-deductible donations to the EveryLibrary Institute will help us bolster the work we are doing through EveryLibrary by building capacity for activities that are fundable through tax-deductible donations. Your donations will ensure that we can continue to expand on the 6 years of success we have seen fighting for local libraries just like yours.

The EveryLibrary Institute NFP operates exclusively for educational and charitable purposes, including primarily research, writing, publishing and related activities concerning public, academic, and school libraries in the United States for the purpose of public education, strengthening the civic life of communities, bridging social and societal gaps, and for the future of the profession of librarianship. It is chartered in the state of Illinois as a non-profit corporation and received its 501(c)3 nonprofit designation as a charitable organization in June 2018.

The EveryLibrary Institute NFP is chartered in the State of Illinois as a nonprofit corporation and has received its 501c3 designation from the IRS. The EveryLibrary Institute is ready to partner with foundations, philanthropic organizations, associations, non-profits, and academic institutions to enhance public perception of libraries and librarianship through research-driven direct engagement across American society. We hope to see benefits for library funding accrue at the ballot box, and at all levels of government, from our partnership-driven work.

We’ve made it easy for you to make a tax deductible donation to the EveryLibrary Institute, NFP through our membership in the Network for Good, the nation’s largest clearinghouse for donations to nonprofit and charitable causes. Please make your donation via our Network for Good Profile page or by check to:

EveryLibrary Institute, NFP
℅ 6433 Fairfield Ave.
Berwyn, IL. 60402

As a recognized 501(c)3 organization, donations, gifts, bequests, devises and transfers made to The EveryLibrary Institute NFP are tax deductible to the full extent of the law and current regulations. EIN 81-4351204