Tennessee Statewide Library Advocacy Training Tour

Join us at this Statewide Library Advocacy Training Tour in Tennessee for public, school, and academic librarians to build support for funding your library in whatever community your library serves.

We're excited to partner with Tenn-Share to bring you these statewide trainings for public, school, and academic librarians to build support for funding your library in whatever community your library serves.

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In these trainings, John Chrastka and Patrick "PC" Sweeney will focus on two frames for activating people to support new or expanded funding: the "librarian as candidate" and the "library as cause". In the first 4 hours, participants will learn the about the latest stakeholder perception data and discover actionable techniques to update stakeholder perceptions about both the institution and the people who work there. Following lunch, participants will continue to workshop issues and potential techniques for 2 hours while addressing specific concerns in small group ‘type of library’ breakouts with the workshop facilitators.

East Tennessee workshop on Monday, March 18, 9am-3:30pm - University of Tennessee, Knoxville Library
Middle Tennessee workshop on Tuesday, March 19, 9am-3:30pm - Goodwill Industries Herman Street Office
West Tennessee workshop on Thursday, March 21, 9am-3:30pm - University of Memphis Library

Next we'll discuss how voters, stakeholders, constituents, parents, faculty, students, and donors behave the way they do regarding libraries for specific reasons, and very little of it has to do with what conventional wisdom says. It’s often difficult to motivate community or campus funding partners to say yes to new funding. A “fundable plan” explains not only where the money is going but also who is spending it. Funders and supporters need to also know how outcomes will be diminished if it is not funded. In this section, we will share actionable insights for inclusive planning and uncover what data drives successful plans.

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Successful political candidates know the right way to connect with their own voters, and to sway voters who self-identify as independent. In this session, we will conduct a practical message-development exercises using tools from winning political campaigns to build, frame, and help you effectively deploy communications about your library and staff. In this section, we will explore both positive and opposition messaging, begin to develop a quick-pitch deck, and provide useful take-home exercises that support your funding goals on campus, in your community, and with your district leaders.

Patrick "PC" Sweeney
Political Director