Two clicks to help fight against book bans!

We are working with dozens of local campaigns and we would love to provide them with even more pro-bono resources and a higher level of direct funding.

You can help us fight against books bans in the United States with just two clicks!

Just take a look at Douglas County, CO., who fought against book bans and won. They launched a campaign on our platform. We were then able to spend over $1,000 on digital ads to get their petition signed. Over 1,700 residents signed the petition and local organizers rallied them to support the library. In response to this public outcry, the board voted to retain the books instead of removing them from the library.

We are working with dozens of other communities and we would love to provide them with even more pro-bono resources and direct funding. 

But none of this work is possible without people like you.

That's why I am going to ask you to take just a few minutes and launch a fundraiser on Facebook to help us raise the money we need to fund these local campaigns.


It only takes TWO CLICKS to launch a fundraiser on Facebook to fight against book bans!


What's great about fundraisers on Facebook is that we receive 100% of the donations because there are no processing fees.

The donations are also tax deductible and we'll spend 100% of the money raised on fighting against book bans.

Setting up a fundraiser is easy.

  1. Click here to get started
  2. Click "create."

That's it!

If you want to do more, you can. You can increase the donation goal and select either "Generic Fundraiser" to raise money to fight against book bans OR you can select "Recurring Giving Campaign" to solicit monthly donations for ongoing support of these efforts. You can change the title of the fundraiser and write your own text about why people should give. Feel free to get creative!

No matter what, I want to personally thank you for helping us fight against book bans and censorship.

I know that thousands of librarians are grateful for your effort as well as millions of Americans who rely on libraries every single week.

It truly means a lot.

Thank you,

Patrick "PC" Sweeney
EveryLibrary Institute
Deputy Director


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