Volume 2, Issue 1 - The Political Librarian

Announcing the release of Vol 2, Issue 1 of The Political Librarian. We intend The Political Librarian to be a place for the library community to talk through some under-recognized issues around politics, political power, and policy that affect us in the 21st century. 

Vol 2, Issue 2, published 15 April 2016, is our first issue published through the open scholarship platform of Washington University Libraries. It includes opinion pieces, white papers, and a peer-reviewed submission covering a wide range of policy issues affecting libraries.

Link to Full Issue

Authors include Ann Dutton Ewbank, J. Turner Masland, and Christian Zabriskie; Paul T. Jaeger and Lindsay C. Sarin; John Chrastka; Dustin T. Fife; Patrick Sweeney; and John Buschman.  

Thanks to series editor Lindsay Sarin and general editors Johnna Percell and Rachel Korman for shaping "The Political Librarian". Thanks, too, to our Editorial Board:

Jason K. Alston, Doctoral Candidate
School of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina
Trevor A. Dawes, Associate University Librarian
Washington University in St. Louis
Sandra Hirsh, PhD, Professor and Director
School of Information, San José State University
Paul T. Jaeger, PhD, JD, Professor and MLS Program Director
College of Information Studies, University of Maryland College Park
Andrea Snyder, Outreach Services Specialist
Nassau Library System, Long Island, New York
Courtney L. Young, Head Librarian (Librarian and Professor of Women’s Studies)
Penn State Greater Allegheny

We hope you discover new ideas and consider bringing your own to the journal as an author as well.



NB: Vol 2, Issue 2 of The Political Librarian was published by our companion organization EveryLibrary. Ownership of the journal was moved to the EveryLibrary Institute in September 2019. This post was originally featured at EveryLibrary.org.