Volume 7, Issue 1 - The Political Librarian - Spring 2024

The EveryLibrary Institute Presents 2024 Spring Issue of The Political Librarian Journal.

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Volume 7 • Issue 1  2024
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EveryLibrary Institute proudly announces the publication of the Spring 2024 edition of The Political Librarian (Volume 7, Issue 1). As an open-source academic journal, The Political Librarian is devoted to advancing discussions around library advocacy and activism, promoting research, and presenting innovative thoughts on policy and funding issues for libraries at the nexus of public policy, education, and tax policy.

"This edition underscores our commitment to intellectual freedom and our resolve to tackle the current challenges facing libraries and librarians," stated Editor Andrew Sulavik from the EveryLibrary Institute. "Our articles are curated to reflect the diverse, professional perspectives necessary to uphold the broad distribution of knowledge in a democratic society."

Features of this issue include:

"I Don’t Fit Into Your Neat Little Plan’: Defending Queer Youth From the Censorship Crusade" by Ronald Padrón highlights the importance of safeguarding LGBTQ+ youth against political censorship under the pretext of "parental rights," advocating for libraries as spaces of empathy and understanding.

"The Demographics of Book Bans," by The EveryLibrary Institute’s research team: Provides a novel analysis of communities affected by book bans, revealing motivations fueled by demographic anxieties and resistance to diversity.

"Reflections and Advice on Running an Informational Millage Campaign" (Anonymous): Shares essential tactics for managing voter campaigns in environments hostile to library funding, offering hope and practical advice for navigating these challenges.

"Book Banning and Censorship are Only Symptoms: Lessons Learned from Personal History," by Ewa Dziedzic-Elliott: Draws parallels between historical and contemporary censorship, urging vigilance against the threats these actions pose to societal health.

"Our goal with this issue is to foster a robust dialogue on resisting censorship and ensuring libraries continue to function as pillars of unfiltered knowledge," Andrew Sulavik added. "We are guided by the ethos that libraries should serve as sanctuaries of truth, accessible to everyone, as envisioned by leaders like Dwight D. Eisenhower."

All issues of The Political Librarian are available on the Open Scholarship platform at Washington University Libraries. We encourage submissions from all interested in contributing to the ongoing discussion about the vital role libraries play in our communities.