Weathering the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) Audit

As a librarian, you understand the importance of staying compliant with the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) program. But navigating the requirements and avoiding the audit risk can be challenging.

Ensure your patrons have access to the latest technology and your library is successful in the ECF audit storm with our upcoming webinar, Weathering the ECF Audit.


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Once upon a time, there was a small library nestled in a quiet town. The librarians, Emily and Samantha, loved their jobs and were passionate about serving their community. They provided a haven for students to study, a place for families to gather and read, and a resource for people to expand their knowledge and imagination. 

One day, they were notified that they would undergo an ECF audit. Emily and Samantha had heard rumors about the audit but didn't know much about it. They soon realized that the ECF audit was a complex process that involved reviewing all the documentation related to the E-rate program, which provided funding for libraries to upgrade their technology infrastructure. 

Emily and Samantha were overwhelmed. They had never gone through an audit before, and they didn't know where to start. They had to sort through years of documentation, some of which were missing, and ensure everything was in order. They also had to be aware of the deadlines, which seemed to be closing in on them quickly. 

One day, a stranger walked in as they were working late in the library. A woman introduced herself as a consultant and offered to help them with the audit. She told them about a webinar that was coming up, "Weathering the ECF Audit," and how it would provide practical tips and strategies to help librarians prepare for and succeed in the upcoming ECF audit storm. 

Emily and Samantha were initially hesitant, but they decided to try it. They attended the webinar, and it was a game-changer. They learned about the eight types of audits, the recent ECF audit storm, and the importance of ensuring their patrons were technologically equipped. They also learned about the significance of the E-rate program in providing funding for libraries and how to utilize the program effectively. 

The webinar gave them the tools they needed to succeed. They worked tirelessly to sort through their documentation, and with the consultant's help, they prepared for the audit. The day of the audit arrived, and Emily and Samantha were ready. They passed the audit with flying colors and were proud of their work. 

From that day on, Emily and Samantha were known as the librarians who weathered the ECF audit storm. They had taken a challenging experience and turned it into a success story. They had learned that anything was possible with the right tools and support. And they continued to serve their community with passion and dedication, providing the haven their patrons had come to love. 

Take action to learn how you can weather and ECF audit today. Sign up for our webinar. 

After attending this webinar, you will be able to: 

  • Understand the latest ECF compliance requirements 
  • Learn from real-world examples of libraries that have successfully navigated compliance 
  • Get access to practical strategies you can implement in your library. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools to protect your library from an audit's financial and reputational risks. Register for our webinar today.


  • Beverly Sutherland, the President & CEO · EdTechnologyFunds, Inc, has over a decade of library consulting experience and is an expert on ECF compliance. 
  • Elijah Goins is an expert on E-rate technology and has helped many libraries navigate the complexities of the program. 
  • John Chrastka, the founder of EveryLibrary, home to over 6000 libraries, will share insights on making compliance more manageable for your library. 

When: April 12th 11 AM PST

Where: Zoom Webinar

Contact: Martha McGehee · [email protected]