Webinar: Integrated Digital Strategies

Please RSVP to this Webinar on March 20th 11am (all timezones): Integrated Digital Strategies

Webinar: Integrated Digital Strategies

March 20th, 11am (all timezones)

Does your library's website generate more revenue than it costs? Do you spend more on Facebook ads then the donations that you generate? Do you understand sources of big data, how to use it, and how to integrate connected data to understand your community's needs, identify supporters, and raise awareness about your library? Are you using dozens of platforms instead of a single integrated platform for your digital actions?

This webinar will help you build strategies and identify the latest tools and resources to make sure that you get the most out of your digital strategies so that you raise more money, identify more supporters, increase use, and cultivate more volunteers while simplifying your digital strategies.

Dynamic web platforms, big data, strong email, and effective Facebook tactics are changing the ways that large and small organizations communicate with their communities. In fact, through our work at EveryLibrary, we have learned how some of the largest non-profits and foundations as well as grassroots political organizations and campaigns manage their digital activity to generate revenue and the resources they need to sustain their activities.

We have field-tested everything that we teach in this webinar to ensure its effectiveness and we are ready to share these secrets with the library industry. We found that libraries are far behind the digital curve and there are many other strategies and tactics that libraries can use to engage with their communities in order to get the most out of their digital activities. But without a more holistic approach to managing the multitude of digital platforms and without building paths to engagement, libraries are missing massive opportunities for sustainable growth through increased donations, volunteerism, awareness, and support. 

So, how do we go beyond a website, basic Facebook ad, or email and build a more holistic strategy to create effective audiences, reach non-users, and solicit more donations and volunteers? In this webinar we'll look at some of the most advanced digital theories, best big data practices (and sources for big data), and most effective digital tactics that are available. 

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  • March 20th, 1pm (all timezones)
  • $5.00 USD
  • Samantha Mairson

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