4 New Free Webinars-On-Demand!

We’re excited to announce four new webinars-on-demand! Check them out today.

We’re excited to announce four new webinars-on-demand! Check them out today.

Our webinars-on-demand program allows you to attend free webinars on a wide range of library advocacy, funding, and other relevant topics at any time that’s convenient for you. Just sign up on the registration pages and you will be emailed a unique link to attend the webinar whenever you want. Please check your spam folder for the unique link to the webinar.

Building Safety with Bond Architects

With the hustle and bustle of libraries as community hubs, how can staff possibly create a safe space while also opening the doors to everyone? Is it possible to improve safety while still making your library welcoming and functional? In a word, yes!

By taking several key steps, your library can remain a welcoming, fun place for patrons of all ages, while keeping their safety a top priority. In this webinar, we’ll feature procedures and building modifications, both simple and complex, that staff can begin implementing right away to make their buildings safer. Modifications range from budget-friendly fixes that anyone can tackle to more advanced upgrades such as access controls, cameras and realignment of service points. Real-world examples from an expert library architect, library directors and library staff will be shared, including lessons learned and how to overcome difficult safety challenges.

Don't forget! The international virtual Library Advocacy and Funding Conference is coming on September 14-16. Register today!

Assessing Virtual Programs With Nick Tanzi

Many libraries have turned to virtual programming as we practice social distancing. While it is vital that we engage patrons in virtual environments, how can we measure the impact and success of these programs? 

Practical tips around privacy With Priya Keshav

In the last 2-3 years, more than 60 jurisdictions have proposed or enacted regulations to protect privacy and personal information of individuals. Consumers today also have increased awareness and expectations regarding privacy. How personal information is handled influences purchasing decisions made by consumers. Privacy is a core value for libraries and should be an integral part of library operations. This talk covers privacy aspects that libraries should be considering and provides practical guidance to integrate privacy into everything you do as a librarian.

Library Finance in the Time of COVID with Meristem Advisors

The financial impacts from COVID on municipal libraries are just beginning to be felt, and leaders are rightly concerned over how to respond to a delay and loss of revenues. Most libraries rely on some combination of four main revenue sources: property tax, state grants, sales taxes and fee income. What can libraries do to plan ahead, and what reasonable assumptions can be made at this point so that the impact is managed as well as possible?