Annual Report: FundLibraries – Crowdfunding for Libraries and Literacy Projects

In 2019 we were excited to launch, the first and only crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to innovative library and literacy projects.

In 2019 we were excited to launch, the first and only crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to innovative library and literacy projects. is a simple to use, a one-stop crowdfunding platform that connects libraries in need of crowdsourced support with tens of thousands of potential donors across the country. We provide the digital tools, fiscal sponsorship, marketing support, and crowdfunding experience that school libraries and public libraries need to succeed.

Every successful crowdfunding campaign has three elements that align. One element is simply a good idea. And we know librarians have great ideas that just need a little help to get started. The second is either a reward for donors or a great reputation as an organization. Again, librarians are well respected by potential donors. But it’s the third part – the crowd itself – that is often missing. This is where our FundLibraries platform comes in. We connect great fundraising ideas with the EveryLibrary “crowd”, a network of over 330,000 Americans who care about and support libraries. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms we only work with – and for – school and public libraries and literacy projects. Our dedication and our network can help make the difference between having a project funded and failure.   

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As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the EveryLibrary Institute acts as the fiscal agent to collect charitable donations from individuals and corporate donors and disburses them directly to libraries, Friends Groups, Foundations, and qualified campaign managers in the United States and abroad. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, FundLibraries dedicates advertising dollars and uses our proven expertise marketing libraries to create and cultivate an audience for each and every campaign on the platform. While our core “crowd” is the EveryLibrary network on social media, we can easily reach over 1 million people who care about libraries with a small advertising spend. When available, we also help manage campaign fundraising directly on third-party networks like Facebook Giving.

We are excited about this new crowdfunding platform and believe it can be a big step in keeping libraries open and thriving in the future. Library and literacy projects of any size are invited to put their campaigns on the platform and engage the EveryLibrary Institute in their fundraising success. Fundraising categories include collections, programs, capital campaigns, literacy projects, little free library builds, furniture, equipment, and maker spaces among others. Libraries do not need to have a 501(c)3 partner themselves to receive donations through FundLibraries. The EveryLibrary Institute charges a 7% commission to run the platform, clear the donations through Stripe, and manage the campaign advertising.

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Visit and click on “Sign Up” to launch start your campaign or click on any project to add your donor support to a great library idea. Domestic and international projects are welcome. Donations made through the EveryLibrary Institute to crowdfunding campaigns are tax-deductible for charitable purposes; please consult your tax advisor for more information.