Libraries 2020

Learn more about our brand new exciting campaign to being library issues to the public in 2020!

Libraries 2020 is a national campaign to build support for local libraries in order to help them keep their doors open.

We would love to see you at our Libraries 2020 Kick-off event in Brooklyn! Come for libraries and stay for the snacks, Street Fighter II, and a chat with author Duncan White. 

Our national Libraries 2020 campaign will allow us to bundle donations and resources from Americans around the country and put it directly to work supporting local libraries at no charge to the local libraries.

Specifically, your contributions will go to support 4 critical activities that ensure that libraries will be funded well into the future.

  1. Help us make direct contributions to local library campaigns and elections
  2. Allow us to provide pro-bono tools and resources to libraries for political initiatives
  3. Support or oppose legislation that impact libraries’ ability to serve their communities
  4. Conduct national voter education about the importance and impact of libraries through television, radio, print, and digital media

As always, your donations allow us to provide all of this at no cost to the libraries and library organizations that we work with!

Head over to our Money Bomb Page to make a donation to get Libraries 2020 off to an amazing start!

If you cannot commit to making a financial contribution to Libraries 2020, then we would love to see you down at our office in Brooklyn for our phone banking event on Giving Tuesday.

Learn more about it here.