Library Advocacy Webinars on Demand!

Whether you want some quick tips on community engagement, to dig in on affecting policy making, or to learn how to step up your booklist game, we have our first batch of sessions from LAFCON out now for you to peruse.

With LAFCON 2020 behind us and our next conference so far away, EveryLibrary Institute is keeping the momentum by releasing selections from the conference. Whether you want some quick tips on community engagement, to dig in on affecting policy making, or to learn how to step up your booklist game, we have our first batch out now for you to peruse. 

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These webinars contain more advanced content and in-depth strategy and analysis and we are paying our presenters to bring this information to you. Each Webinar is available to anyone by making a donation of at least $1 or more. We recommend a donation of at least $25 because your donations are what allow us to pay our presenters for their time and effort.

Advocacy in an Election Year
This training will help groups understand the do’s and don’ts of lobbying and engagement during an election year and the various ways to avoid pitfalls of this advocacy work. -Abby Levine, Bolder Advocacy

Small Windows and Broken Mirrors: Cultivating the reading identity of Black Boys during an age of wokeness
In this session, award-winning social entrepreneur, educator, and comedian Alvin Irby explores ideas for helping Black boys identify as readers and for increasing out-of-school time reading among Black boys. - Alvin Irby, Barbershop Books

8 Principles for Running A Modern, Digital Library Campaign
Many library campaigns and political initiatives aren't run or managed by sophisticated and professional political operatives. Instead, they're typically people in the community who simply want to see their library improve. - John Rowley, CounterPoint Messaging

Make your messaging stick: Why video is your best tool to craft memorable experiences for the issues that matter most
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which begs the question: How much is a video worth? - Emily Gover, Vimeo

Leading With Your Mission: From Good Messaging to Great Rhetoric
When you talk about your work, what do people hear? - Allison Ehrich Bernstein, Allative Communications


These webinars come from a wide range of sources and are available to you at any time to help you learn basic strategies, concepts and ideas. These webinars are also often free thanks to a sponsoring organization.

Canvassing for a Cause
In Canvassing for a Cause, John Miyasato will discuss: Best practices, Different kinds of canvassing and what has worked for EveryLibrary. - John Miyasato, Crossroads Campaigns

Building Brand Advocates
In this session, you'll get insights into the tools and frameworks that big brands like Patagonia, Nike, and Google use to attract brand advocates. You'll walk away with real practical suggestions for how to attract the right people, how to develop meaningful two-way relationships, and how to let research guide your mission. - Anjelica Triola,Wethos

Using Video Storytelling to Get Political
Your ability to tell the stories of your library and its value is more important than ever. Video is the best way to share the impact on your community. - Kyle Shannon, Storyvine

These foundational and inspirational sessions are not only relevant and actionable right now, but are a starting point to build up your knowledge of advocacy and community engagement for your institution’s future growth and resiliency. Learn at your own pace, when you have the time, and focus on your individual needs. Check back often to see our new releases!