5 Featured Webinars to Watch

Watch these webinars at your convenience to get advice on engagement, outreach and even some tips on running for office!

Come take a look at some of the webinars you might have missed. Here at our Webinars on Demand we have the goods on marketing, advocacy and engagement, and some fresh information on Digital Public Library of America’s free resources and their app. Register and watch any of these webinars at your convenience to get advice on engagement, outreach and even some tips on running for office!


See some of our featured webinars below or check out all of them here.

Two women in business attire looking at a laptop.PREMIUM WEBINARS

These webinars contain more advanced content and in-depth strategy and analysis and we are paying our presenters to bring this information to you. Each Webinar is available to anyone by making a donation of at least $1 or more. We recommend a donation of at least $25 because your donations are what allow us to pay our presenters for their time and effort.


Building a Marketing Plan for Your Next Project Launch

Launching a new project, initiative, or campaign can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you are juggling multiple roles in an organization. In this session, we will discuss how to organize your messaging and strategy through a clear and approachable marketing plan. 

-Leslie Datsis, Audience Development Specialist

 Ballot Measures as a Tool for Advocacy

Join the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center to learn how you can utilize ballot measures as at tool - even if you're a 501c(3) organization - to move your advocacy goals forward and create a more equitable and just society.

-Marsha Donat, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center

Strategies for Nonpartisan Civic and Voter Engagement Activities

Non-political doesn't mean non-participation because there are plenty of ways to engage voters and advocate for a cause without wading into risky political territory.

-Caitlin Donnelly, Nonprofit VOTE


These webinars come from a wide range of sources and are available to you at any time to help you learn basic strategies, concepts and ideas. These webinars are also often free thanks to a sponsoring organization.


Running for Office

If you're a library worker and you're thinking about running for office, this session will help you get started! In this discussion you'll hear about why more librarians should run for office -- and how Run for Something can help.

-Amanda Litman, Run For Something

SimplyE and Digital Resource Solutions During the Second Wave

Digital Public Library of America and its partners from Brooklyn Public Library and Alameda County Library provide an overview of SimplyE, the only e-reading platform built by libraries for libraries, and the DPLA free ebook offering and marketplace. Join DPLA to discover how SimplyE can help libraries maximize ebook and audiobook access for patrons.

-Digital Public Library of America