Sci-Fi Audiobooks to Support Libraries!

We've teamed up with Black Library for our newest bundle! Get audiobooks like First and Only, Realmslayer, Soul Wars, For the Emperor, The House of Night and Chain, and Valdor: Birth of the Imperium. Plus, your purchase will support the EveryLibrary Institute!

If you’re looking for something new to listen to during the pandemic, we’d love to introduce you to the Warhammer audiobook series from Black Library.

Through our partnership with HumbleBundle, we are offering a starter pack of 6 audiobooks for just $1! But, if you already love sci-fi or Warhammer, you can get them all for as little as $18. That’s 22 audiobooks with a value of over $748.00 for just $18!!

The Voices of Warhammer 2020 Humble Bundle features audiobook recordings of some of the Black Library’s best offerings. In fact, just one dollar will grant access to recordings of horror books such as The House of Night and Chain - a novel set in the city of Valgaast and following the exploits of Maeson Strock, as he attempts to survive the terrors of his ancestral home - and Castle of Blood, which tells the story of Count von Koeterberg’s rather perilous dinner party. You can also begin the creepy Vampire Genevieve series by listening to book one Drachenfels, which is featured in the bundle.

Alternatively, paying $10 provides access to all the audiobooks in the first tier and additional titles including Age of Sigmar book Soul Wars, which tells the tales of Nagash - the god of death - and the Anvils of Heldenhammer who are sworn to protect the living against the legions of the dead. Other Age of Sigmar audiobooks in the bundle include Realmslayer, which recounts the story of Gotrek Gurnisson in a four-part drama, and Blacktalon: First Mark - an audiobook about Knights-Zephyros, Neave Blacktalon.

Finally, $18 unlocks every audiobook in the Humble Bundle, including several focusing on the world and events of Warhammer 40,000. Audiobooks such as Valdor: Birth of the Imperium - which tells the history of the Emperor’s right-hand man, Constantine Valdor - and Honorbound, a recording of a novel based on the story of Commissar Severina Raine.

The best part is that a significant portion of the proceeds go to help us support libraries in the United States and abroad. That means that more you give, the more you can help us continue our work helping libraries serve their communities.

The Black Library: Voices of Warhammer 2020 Humble Bundle is live until November 11th so don't wait too long!