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We’re excited to launch our first set of 6 library advocacy webinars on demand!

We're offering these webinars on demand so that you can attend our pre-recorded webinars at a time that is most convenient for you. That means that you'll get instant access to these great webinars as soon as you register.

Throughout the 2019 we will be offering webinars across a wide range of advocacy, political, and funding topics. These webinars will include digital strategies, fundraising, legislative work and lobbying, legal issues in library advocacy, volunteerism and managing volunteers, paid and earned media, and so much more. Many of these upcoming webinars will be presented by a diverse panel of political and non-profit experts from across the country.

These are webinars are made available thanks to donations from library supporters like you.
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Legislative Day Training
Library Legislative Day has the potential to be one of the most effective and politically powerful days of the year. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with your state’s leaders and advocate for renewed interest in funding libraries at the state level, build support for pieces of legislation that are favorable to libraries, and to cultivate political power to fight against anti-library legislation. This webinar is a great introduction to anyone who is interested in building relationships with legislators and cultivating the political power that libraries need at the state-level to ensure their future success. (Register Here)

Fundamentals of Library Advocacy
The goal of this webinar is to introduce the tools we need to develop in order to identify, cultivate, and empower your local activists to take action for libraries. We'll show you what you need to do in your community in order to start to use those tools to build the real political power that you need in order to engage and influence community leaders. (Register Here)

Fighting Back When Cuts Are Threatened
This ISTE School Librarians / EveryLibrary Institute webinar is designed to give you insights on what you can do to get started quickly on a campaign to safeguard your own position or budget, or to get organized across a district when cuts are threatened. Learn about the right way to engage parents and other stakeholders in the face of crisis, and get oriented to how can be put to work in support. If there is a threat to your position or budget, or to other school libraries or librarians across your district, know how to mobilize people to help you fight back. (Register Here)

Help Them Fund Your School Library
Your school board and administration is considering next year’s budget right now. In this ISTE School Librarians / EveryLibrary webinar, learn easy to adapt techniques to frame the work you do and the program you run for budget success. With the right approach to data and to talking about your values as a school librarian and an educator, learn how to make a stronger case for new or renewed funding. (Register Here)

Power Map Your District for Advocacy Success
Many of your funders and decision makers are not directly invested stakeholders in your program’s success. In this ISTE School Librarians / EveryLibrary webinar, learn how to Power Map the school ecosystem and your broader community to influence the superintendent, principal, board, or funding partners. The Power Map is a classic approach to identifying how to best reach and influence decision makers. As you move into the new school year, this webinar can help you form a clear idea of how to make your interactions more intentional and your funding more secure. (Register Here)

Using Social and Email to Maximize Your Visibility
Your process for building support for your program’s funding starts with stakeholders being aware not only what you do but how they understand your impact on students and the school. In this ISTE School Librarians / EveryLibrary webinar you will learn techniques from established political and issue-campaigns to build better visibility about the way your program impacts student achievement. The session will provide an orientation to the “ladders of engagement” that build new paths to stakeholder and funder support. Learn about effective pathways to set up a digital communications strategy – whether you have access to the school or district website or not. (Register Here)

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