Join us for a three-part series on how school librarians can play a role in the educational development of their students in the time of COVID-19.

School librarians in the time of COVID-19 have a unique role in their school environment. Even from home, they can serve as instructional leaders and pedagogical consultants within their faculty. They can bring resources and technical expertise to bear on the problems that teachers, students, and parents are all facing.

Beyond their roles in providing support to their colleagues, librarians bring communities together and never has that been more important than in this time of physical distancing. The virtual presence of the school and public librarian can still be the heart of the school even when the building is closed. 

September seems far away, and especially since days are moving so slowly, but it is never to early to start thinking about what you will do. School librarians can begin planning now for a changed role within the new normal of schools. How will physical spaces and collections need to be modified to deal with ongoing viral threats?

We are thrilled to have Dr. Christopher Harris back to present another informational and topical webinar. Christopher Harris is the Director of the School Library System for the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership. In this role, he has helped students and faculty better understand the resources at their disposal. 

To RSVP to each webinar, visit their pages and sign up and you will receive a personal link for you to view the webinar when it begins.

April 22nd, 12pm

Part 1: Open at Home: School Librarians as Instructional Leaders


  • Teaching Online - pedagogy shifts for distance learning success
  • Minding the Digital Divide - advocating for and supporting those without 
  • Resource Curation - resisting the overload and just-in-time delivery
  • Leading the Change - subtle nudges to bring along reluctant faculty

April 29th, 12pm

Part 2: Open Together: School Librarians as Community Activators


  • Physical Distance/Social Connection - maintaining social-emotional supports
  • Public/School Library Partnerships - building 7a shared advocacy message
  • Reading Together While Apart - tips for continuity of reading enjoyment
  • Celebrating the Local Community - how to be the heart of the school from home

May 6th, 12pm

Part 3: Open for the Future: School Librarians as Planners and Preppers


  • Ok, Doomer - preparing for possible futures without going crazy or being seen as such
  • The Library Redesigned - safety in physical spaces and collections for the next year
  • Prepping in the School Library - what to have on hand to deal with the new normal
  • Our Changed Role - what does the job description look like for school librarians now?