Join our Premium Webinar Series: Introduction to Advanced Advocacy For School and Public Libraries

Join us for this premium webinar series and learn how to build support for funding your library.

Did you know that more than 90% of library funding is dependent on the will of local voters and politicians? Did you also know that libraries have lost nearly 20% of voter support for funding in the last ten years and that hundreds of school libraries have shut their doors?

We developed these premium advocacy webinars to help train librarians, staff, and support groups to rebuild public support for funding and keep their doors open. Each webinar is available for just $25.

In these webinars, we'll introduce the strategies that school libraries, public libraries, and library support organizations can use in their communities in order to keep their doors open. We will explore strategies to build real political power and influence and engage community leaders and library supporters and increase voter support for library funding. The strategies that we introduce are also designed to be scalable for libraries of all sizes and implemented by library support organizations such as friends groups and foundations as well as library staff in all positions in both school and public libraries.

The EveryLibrary team has created and tested the content in these webinars through our work supporting over 100 library ballot initiatives, dozens of legislative actions, and dozens of campaigns for school libraries. You will learn a wide range of critical skills, strategies, and tactics that libraries can use to win funding and build political support.

Over the last 6 years, EveryLibrary staff have attended political conferences and trainings across the political spectrum in order to better understand the environment of funding for libraries. In these webinars, we'll give away all of the secrets that we've learned. We'll look at how other organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, NRA, Sierra Club, DNC and RNC, and Americans For Prosperity have been using the strategies and tactics that we’re teaching here to tell their story and build support in their communities for the last 40 years. We'll also look at how anti-tax and anti-government groups are building support for their causes - and how that impacts the way your library is funded.

Finally, these webinars will lay the groundwork for the rest of our advanced advocacy webinars throughout 2020 with experts from organizations, causes, and campaigns across the country.

Introduction to Advanced Advocacy Strategies For School and Public Libraries 
In this introductory webinar, we will explore basic strategies for building support for your school or public library. In this foundational webinar, we'll introduce the skills and strategies that we'll be discussing more deeply in our future webinars.

Build Support For Your Library Before You Need It: Understanding Surfacing 
Did you know that the most critical time for building community support for your school, public, or academic libraries are the years before and between campaigns or threats of closures?

Understanding Big Data and Audience Segmentation 
If you're interested in building community support, increasing library donations, improving attendance at programs, increasing circulation and database use, as well as drastically improving library support through the use of big data just like large national campaigns at almost no cost, then this webinar will show you how.

Digital Advocacy and Marketing Tactics for Any Library 
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that better websites, big data, strong email, and effective social media tactics are changing the ways that large and small organizations communicate with their communities.

Creating Messages That Build Support For Any Library
Messaging is the last webinar in this introductory series because effective messaging is more than the stories and messages that we put out into our communities. Developing an effective message relies on understanding and managing the environment that we use them.

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Participants will receive a continuing education certificate at the end of each webinar.

After taking these courses you'll begin to see many of these same strategies are being used in your community by other tax-funded government organizations like police, fire, parks and rec, and more. We're teaching you what many other government departments already know while building in new strategies from major causes, issues, and campaigns. We are excited to share this advanced advocacy material with you.