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Did you know that more than 90% of library funding is dependent on the will of local voters and politicians? Did you also know that libraries have lost nearly 20% of voter support for funding in the last ten years and that hundreds of school libraries have shut their doors? We developed these premium advocacy webinars to help train librarians, staff, and support groups to rebuild public support for funding and keep their doors open. Each webinar is available for just $25.

Welcoming Our New Board Members

The EveryLibrary Institute is proud to announce the appointment of two new members to our Board of Directors. K.C. Boyd, Library Media Specialist for the District of Columbia Public Schools, and Lance Werner, Director of the Kent District Library, join our board to help guide and shape our mission and vision for libraries. 

Culture, Creativity, and Public Libraries in England: A Grass-Roots Transformation

Arts Council England (ACE) is a government-funded body dedicated to promoting the performing, visual, and literary arts in England. Funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the National Lottery, ACE is the national development agency for creativity and culture whose mission is to “champion, develop and invest in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people's lives”. After an 18-month development process, ACE has recently published its new 10-year strategic plan, titled “Let’s Create”. This plan represents the culmination of a series of numerous workshops, consultations, and public conversations and represents a shift in strategy to make the arts in England more participatory in nature at a grass-roots level.

Annual Report: Advancing Our Research Agenda

The library advocacy ecosystem has limited awareness of what Americans think about libraries, librarians, and taxes. With the 2018 release of the From Awareness to Funding study by OCLC, we have received a recent snapshot of voter attitudes. But our industry’s knowledge and understanding of what motivates and influences Americans about library funding is alarmingly limited.

Annual Report: Trainings and Teaching

At the EveryLibrary Institute, we understand that every decision to fund or not fund libraries is fundamentally a political act. It is based on how we, as a society, want to raise or allocate taxes.

Stewart Named Editor for The Political Librarian Journal

After a national search, Christopher Stewart will become Series Editor for The Political Librarian to deepen its focus on developing scholarship about public policy and tax policy for libraries.

Annual Report: FundLibraries – Crowdfunding for Libraries and Literacy Projects

In 2019 we were excited to launch, the first and only crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to innovative library and literacy projects. is a simple to use, a one-stop crowdfunding platform that connects libraries in need of crowdsourced support with tens of thousands of potential donors across the country. We provide the digital tools, fiscal sponsorship, marketing support, and crowdfunding experience that school libraries and public libraries need to succeed.

Annual Report: CILIP Partnership to Support Libraries in the U.K.

In 2019 we were thrilled to launch Libraries Deliver, an innovative international partnership with the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) to help librarians across the United Kingdom build political support in Parliament and improve future funding for libraries by local councils. This partnership harnesses the skills and networks of both organizations. Together, through the campaign, we work to create real political and funding changes for libraries.

Annual Report: Libraries 2020 Launch

The EveryLibrary Institute and EveryLibrary launched the Libraries 2020 Campaign, a first of its kind nationwide voter engagement campaign for libraries, in December. Using modern, advanced voter engagement strategies, the Libraries 2020 campaign will build political power, lasting public engagement, and true voter support for library funding across the country. The Libraries 2020 campaign brings the skills, competencies, and successes of both the EveryLibrary Institute, a non-profit library think tank focused on the future of library funding, and  EveryLibrary, the only national political action committee for libraries. 

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The EveryLibrary Institute is dedicated to building up and supporting the entire library funding ecosystem. From our research agenda and professional trainings to our crowdfunding platform and fiscal sponsorships, we are engaged in envisioning and creating a future where funding for public libraries and school libraries is ensured.