What An Impact HALO Made!

As of March 1, 2021, after almost a year of raising money to support out of work library workers during COVID, the EveryLibrary Institute has sunsetted the HALO (Help a Library Worker Out) Fund.

Library Day at Blaze Pizza!

What food goes great with libraries? Pizza! Not really, but why not celebrate National Library Week on April 7th #LibraryGivingDay, by visiting your local Blaze Pizza Location? Every Purchase will help us support libraries in the United States.

Grassroots Fundraising Strategies That Support Your Library

You’ll want to make sure your grassroots fundraising efforts, regardless of the method you choose, include each of the following elements to successfully raise support for your library!

Grassroots Fundraising Advice for Library Giving Day 2021

Whether your library is academic, public, national, or special, it is providing indispensable value to the environment it's embedded in. Your library provides knowledge and an avenue for connection to the community. Imagine what your community could do for your library in return. Why not mobilize your community—your biggest advocates, the people who are already in your corner—to help raise support for your library?

School Librarians in the Second Wave - Report Update

School librarians, long identified as thought leaders in school communities, provided invaluable services and resources to children in times of crisis. When educators faced unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19, school librarians and their libraries played a more important role than ever. 

EveryLibrary Institute vs. EveryLibrary

In order to support the wide range of work of EveryLibrary and in order to comply with Federal Tax Law it is necessary to have two organizational entities: EveryLibrary and the The EveryLibrary Institute.

New Report: Building Literacy Skills Leads to Economic Growth

Read Our 2020 Annual Report

The EveryLibrary Institute focused its resources and attention in 2020 on both the individuals who staff libraries and the institutions themselves. This was a necessary and natural response to the COVID-related crisis facing individual library workers from public, academic, and school libraries as well as the disruptions and dislocations facing our institutions in the United States and abroad. 

5 Featured Webinars to Watch

Come take a look at some of the webinars you might have missed. Here at our Webinars on Demand we have the goods on marketing, advocacy and engagement, and some fresh information on Digital Public Library of America’s free resources and their app. Register and watch any of these webinars at your convenience to get advice on engagement, outreach and even some tips on running for office!  

Call for Articles - The Political Librarian Spring/Summer 2021

We are happy to issue a call for original article, opinion pieces, and whitepapers for the Spring/Summer issue of The Political Librarian.