Hosting Dr. Magnusson's Censorship Database

When a library is facing a difficult censorship issue or book banning campaign, it is not enough to talk about the First Amendment only. We need to go beyond the semantics of rights and talk about the real people being harmed in these challenges: the people and populations whose stories are being sidelined or attacked.

Read Our 2021 Annual Report

In 2021, the EveryLibrary Institute was engaged in several critical conversations about the future of public and school libraries - and funding for the workforce that powers them.

Two New Reports Highlight Importance and Impact of School Librarians on Educational Ecosystem

The last several years have been a tumultuous time for school libraries. Just how tumultuous has been outlined in two reports recently released by EveryLibrary Institute. 

Volume 5, Issue 1 of The Political Librarian Now Online - 2021

The Political Librarian is the only journal focused exclusively on the intersection of politics and libraries. We are proud to announce that Volume 5, Issue 1, 2021 is now available at the Open Scholarship platform at Washington University for your download and review. 

Comments to the MD Attorney General on the E-Book Suit

Recently, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) filed suit in federal court to block enforcement of the Maryland e-book bill. A wide-ranging group of pro-library policy and advocacy groups has been invited to make comments to the Maryland Attorney General who is responsible for defending the law. 

ELI Supports the Renewal of the Charitable Giving Deduction

The universal charitable deduction will expire at the end of 2021 unless Congress takes action to extend it. The EveryLibrary Institute has signed on to the Charitable Giving Coalition's letter to Congress asking that they take action now to extend the deduction.

Delaware Libraries Launch Statewide Giving Tuesday Initiative

The EveryLibrary Institute is excited to help power new statewide fundraising for libraries all across Delaware on Giving Tuesday 2021 through our crowdfunding platform and outreach campaign. 

ELI Gives Testimony on H.4120 eBook Bill in Massachusetts

The EveryLibrary Institute and EveryLibrary are following H.4120, a bill to create more favorable conditions for libraries in Massachusetts about ebook and audiobook licenses and, perhaps someday, even ownership. 

Report - The Impact of the GO Bonds for Libraries Program in New Mexico

Among the states, New Mexico is unique in its use of a General Obligation Bond (“GO Bond” hereafter) as a legislature-determined and voter-approved mechanism to fund a component of state aid for libraries of all types. This report is intended to inform policy makers about the uses and impacts of the program across New Mexico.

Telehealth and Libraries: A New Report and Companion Webinar

In collaboration with telehealth expert Craig Settles, the EveryLibrary Institute is proud to announce new whitepaper "Telehealth Services and Public Libraries” and a companion on-demand webinar “Libraries & Telehealth: Tackling the Healthcare Gap”.