ELI Joins Amicus Brief in Andy Warhol Foundation v Goldsmith

The EveryLibrary Institute is joining with several other national library organizations in an amicus brief in the Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith case currently before the Supreme Court. 

EveryLibrary Institute News Stories - January to June 2022

The EveryLibrary Institute has a unique mission and work as a public policy, tax policy, and dedication policy Think Tank for libraries. From January to June 2022, we were in over a dozen stories that featured our work supporting a policy framework about the future of library funding. 

Broadband Stakeholder Planning Webinar for State Libraries

This webinar offers practical and actionable advice and insights for state library agencies on how to participate in the stakeholder engagement and planning process for federal programs like the Broadband Equity Access and Deploment (BEAD) and the Digital Equity Act (DEA).

Utah AG Publishes Clear Guidance Protecting School Libraries

[Note: see 9/16/22 update appended to this article] Utah AG Memo Offers Strong Protection to School Libraries: Value to libraries beyond Utah In Utah, the Attorney General’s Office, as required by the new law, “H.B. 374 Sensitive Materials in Schools” issued an official memorandum on May 4, 2022 as guidance to local education agencies (LEAs) to help school boards and superintendents understand the laws surrounding school libraries. 

Evolution of Ebook Bills

Library associations in several states are working on various solutions to the e-book problem for libraries. Each legislative solution is focused on providing a pathway for public libraries to have more favorable terms from publishers for the ebooks the license for their communities. Others are looking to establish something closer to true ownership rights for certain e-materials. 

Freckle Project April 2022 "Where Did You Get That Book" Update

The EveryLibrary Institute continues to support the research and dissemination of the Freckle Project survey and report about the reading habits of the American public, especially through libraries. The April 2022 survey results are in and late-stage COVID reading through libraries continues to be strong. 

New Mexico 2022 GoBonds Going to the Voters at $19 Million

We are thrilled to share that the New Mexico "GOBonds for Libraries" aid package has been authorized at $19 million by the state legislature and placed on the November 2022 ballot by the Governor. This is a substantial increase from previous General Obligation (GO) Bonds. If it passes in November, it will positively impact public libraries, school libraries, academic libraries, and tribal libraries. 

Emergency Fundraising Campaign Success!

Because of help from nearly 2,500 people around the country, the Friends of the Ridgeland Library (FORL) were able to give an emergency donation of $55,000 to the Madison County (MS) Library System last week.

Literacy and Health Outcomes Report Released

Libraries can be a front-line in the fight against low health literacy. In order to fund and utilize libraries and librarians in realizing health literacy goals, new policies must be created. That is why the EveryLibrary Institute has commissioned a new report on the effects of Low Health Literacy. 

Hosting Dr. Magnusson's Censorship Database

When a library is facing a difficult censorship issue or book banning campaign, it is not enough to talk about the First Amendment only. We need to go beyond the semantics of rights and talk about the real people being harmed in these challenges: the people and populations whose stories are being sidelined or attacked.