School Librarian Certification Requirements by State Updates

If you are wondering what it takes to become a school librarian, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to state certification requirements with current links. 

Read the New "School Libraries and the COVID Slide" Report

The new whitepaper "School Libraries and the COVID Slide" from the EveryLibrary Institute looks closely at how school library programs staffed by certified school librarians can help stand in new education gaps during COVID disruptions. 

4 New Free Webinars-On-Demand!

We’re excited to announce four new webinars-on-demand! Check them out today.

Why LAFCON is Giving Back to Library Associations

The COVID-era challenges to library funding are just starting to come into focus. From school funding cuts to austerity budgets for states and municipalities, the economic shocks will be real and significant. These organizations and associations need resources to advance their local legislative and advocacy priorities, and libraries need to be seen and funded for what they are — solutions to the real problems threatening literacy, economic prosperity, and equity. 

Your New Advocacy Narrative Must Start with eMeasurements

The rapid shift by public libraries to digital, online, and virtual services during COVID must be measured and reported in order to create new advocacy narratives and budget justifications for the coming budget crisis.

Introducing the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference - September 14-16, 2020

The library industry is under threat from a number of major crises simultaneously during these uncertain times, particularly the loss of financial and voter support. The COVID-19 crisis has decimated the fundamental municipal tax base that funds school and public libraries. Even libraries that were doing well before the crisis may be facing new challenges. Without community support, libraries will continue to drastically lose funding in the coming years.

Start Telling Your COVID-19 Digital Story by Capturing Your Data Today

COVID19 has presented public libraries with a unique set of challenges -- libraries across the country closed their doors and/or restricted/limited access to their spaces.  As such, traditional measures of library value and usage (the ones that required in-library visitations) came to a grinding halt.  For example physical reference questions have become remote reference questions and programs are being delivered via video conferencing software.

[WEBINAR] Media Literacy: Librarian Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Join PEN America and The EveryLibrary Institute for an exclusive two-part media literacy training for library educators on Wednesday, May 27 and Thursday, May 28 at 2:00pm Eastern time.

Webinars: School Libraries And Covid

Join us for a three-part series on how school librarians can play a role in the educational development of their students in the time of COVID-19.

Etsy Store to Support Library Workers in Need!

You can now buy some great quirky and cute things for you, your kids, and your home from this Etsy store and all proceeds will go to support library workers!