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How Oakalla Library Raised $1,000 in a Week!

The Oakalla Public Library is unlike most libraries you will encounter. Residing in Burnett County, Texas, OPL has been described at “the most un-library, library” by its secretary, Ripleigh Degenhardt. Although the library resides in a community of fewer than 50 people, patrons from all over the county flock to this tiny un-library for books that other libraries stopped carrying.

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With goodwill and a good plan, libraries can deliver

A new advocacy campaign that will build and mobilise national support for libraries has been launched by CILIP in partnership with the EveryLibrary Institute, a US-based project that has helped secure over $1.6bn in tax funding for libraries. [Cross-Posted with our partners at CILIP]


Iowa State Training Tour 2019

Join the EveryLibrary Institute team for a State Library of Iowa "Training Circut" tour at one of four full-day events on "Understanding Audiences for Community Engagement and Support" across Iowa the week of October 14th, 2019. 

FREE WEBINAR: Reaching Across the Aisle for Library Funding and Other Initiatives

Recent political campaigns and philosophical confrontations online and in the press have destroyed lasting friendships, frayed family ties, and alienated neighbors and co-workers. Social media has devolved into a battleground of nasty diatribes and personal slurs. How can we advocate for libraries in this environment?

Library Funding Book Bundle!

Written by two experienced library campaigners, these action-driven manuals are filled with concrete steps that librarians, library staff, and boards can take to ensure that political support is there when they need it the most.

Love Garth Ennis and Libraries? This Humble Bundle is for You!

With the Amazon Prime Video premiere of The Boys on July 26, Dynamite and Humble Bundle are inviting fans to look back on Garth Ennis's iconic career and stock up on big hits and overlooked gems alike!

The bundle will only be available for a short time, so check it out here! - Garth Ennis Comics Bundle!

CILIP and EveryLibrary Institute launch a new digital hub to engage the public with the power, impact, and importance of properly funded library services

In an effort to raise awareness and make a meaningful, long-term impact on the future of library funding, CILIP and the EveryLibrary Institute today announce the launch of LibrariesDeliver, an advocacy campaign that connects people from across England in support of their libraries.

The core of the campaign is, a new GDPR-compliant advocacy website designed to activate and connect an extensive network of individuals and advocacy groups about library funding and use.

On, library supporters can sign up to become part of the campaign, pledge to support libraries, show their support for library funding, donate to support libraries, and become better organized and connected.

EveryLibrary Institute Launches Crowdfunding Platform for Libraries and Literacy Projects

The EveryLibrary Institute today announces the launch of, the first and only crowdfunding website dedicated solely to innovative library and literacy projects in school, public, and academic communities. is a simple to use, one-stop fundraising platform for libraries and library support organization that connects great ideas in need of crowdsourced funding with tens of thousands of potential donors across the country. 

EveryLibrary Institute Partners with Awesome Libraries Chapter to Support Innovative Library Projects

The EveryLibrary Institute today announces a new partnership with the Awesome Foundation - Libraries Chapter to support their fundraising and philanthropic activities with the launch of The EveryLibrary Institute is providing fiscal sponsorship and digital infrastructure support to help Awesome Libraries further its philanthropic mission of support. Awesome Libraries is a voluntary organization of library professionals who contribute on a monthly or yearly basis to a common donor pool and select “truly awesome” library projects from around the world to fund. Since 2017, Awesome Libraries trustees have donated $11,000 to eleven library and literacy projects in the United States and abroad.

Free Library Advocacy Webinars On Demand!

We’re excited to launch our first set of 6 library advocacy webinars on demand!

We're offering these webinars on demand so that you can attend our pre-recorded webinars at a time that is most convenient for you. That means that you'll get instant access to these great webinars as soon as you register.