New Policy Brief About State Obscenity Laws Targeting Libraries and Education

In the 2021-2022 legislative session, three states changed their obscenity laws to allow for the prosecution of librarians or educators. In 2023-2024, we anticipate that many legislators whose bills failed the last session will reintroduce language in this session and anti-access activists will be inspired to sponsor their own regressive initiatives. 

New Interactive Map of School Librarian Requirements and Outcomes by State

The EveryLibrary Institute is excited to provide public access to the San Jose State University iSchool’s interactive map to help researchers and job searchers understand the requirements to become a school librarian in each state. The project also includes data from the SLIDE Project regarding school library/librarian ratios by state and as well as national reading scores for further opportunities to understand relationships between required school librarians, school libraries, etc. and academic achievement. 

ELI in the News 2022 - July to December

The EveryLibrary Institute is focused on building a policy and funding framework that supports libraries in schools, communities, and campuses around the country and abroad. We are happy to be recognized and noted in the news - both within the library sector and the popular media - as commentators and experts in the our field. 

Model "School Library Database Procurement Act" Released

The EveryLibrary Institute has collaborated with Georgetown University Law Center’s Intellectual Property & Information Policy Clinic (“iPIP”) to research and create the "School Library Database Procurement Act", new model legislation to help safeguard state library database contracts and student access to information.   

ELI Joins Collaborative Amici Brief About Access to Public Laws by the Public

The EveryLibrary Institute is proud to join a collaborative amici brief filed by Library Futures alongside the Authors Alliance and Public Knowledge in "American Society for Testing and Materials, et al. v. Public.Resource.Org", a case currently pending in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. 

New Policy Report on Anti-Access Database Legislation

The legislative playbook attacking state library database contracts was developed and tested in the 2021-22 legislative session in unprecedented ways. Anti-access and anti-library organizations advanced several bills targeting these school databases by criminalizing the content - and the librarians who curate it. 

Library Advocacy and Funding Conference (LAFCON) 2022 Reframes Political Action and Organizing for Libraries

Over 500 Library leaders from around the world gathered online to learn and collaborate on effective advocacy and activism at LAFCON 2022. 

New Report from the Libraries.Today May 2022 Convening

The EveryLibrary Institute is releasing the new report "Level-Setting the Conversation" about the May 2022 Libraries.Today National Forum on Current Challenges and Future Opportunities for School Libraries.   

You Can Now Access the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference!

We are thrilled to open LAFCON 2022, the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference from EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute. 

REPORT: Voters overwhelmingly oppose book banning in the United States.

We are excited to announce the release of our latest report on Voter Perceptions of Book Banning. This report was commissioned as a public opinion poll of American voters to understand political support and opposition to book banning and to understand the impact of book banning on public support for libraries and librarians.